IUCN: 25,062 Species Threatened with Extinction

14 September 2017 | International Union for Conservation of Nature News Release Today’s IUCN Red List update also reveals a dramatic decline of grasshoppers and millipedes endemic to Madagascar, and the … [Continue reading]

New Video of Jaguar in Arizona

14 September 2017 | The Center for Biological Diversity News Release TUCSON, Ariz.— The Center for Biological Diversity released new video today of a wild jaguar currently living in the United States, … [Continue reading]

New BOS Orangutan Conservation Area

05 September 2017 | Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation News Release Wahau, East Kalimantan, September 6, 2017. Once again, BOS Foundation demonstrates its commitment to collaborate with … [Continue reading]

World Wildlife Day 2017: Protecting Big Cats

05 September 2017 | Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora News Release Geneva, 3 September 2017: Lion, tiger, leopard and jaguar are all majestic animals … [Continue reading]

Securing Snow Leopard Landscapes by 2020

03 September 2017 | TRAFFIC International News Release Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 31st August – Wildlife crime was recognized as a priority by the 12 range country leaders at the 2nd … [Continue reading]

Kinshasa’s Ivory Market Still Flourishing

02 September 2017 | TRAFFIC International News Release Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), 30th August 2017 – a new TRAFFIC report launched today finds Kinshasa’s … [Continue reading]

WWF Report: New Species Discovered in the Amazon

01 September 2017 | World Wildlife Fund-UK News Release A new report by WWF and the Mamirauá Institute reveals that a new species of animal or plant is discovered in the … [Continue reading]

Groups Challenge Removal of Grizzly Protections

01 September 2017 | The Center for Biological Diversity News Release MISSOULA, Mont.— A coalition of tribal and conservation interests today filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to restore … [Continue reading]

Endangered Species Protection Recommended for Cascades Frog

22 August 2017 | Center for Biological Diversity News Release SACRAMENTO, Calif.— In response to a petition from the Center for Biological Diversity, the California Fish and Game … [Continue reading]

Siamese Crocodiles Hatch at Reptile Conservation Center

20 August 2017 | Wildlife Conservation Society News Release Koh Kong (August 15, 2017) – The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Fisheries Administration (FiA) announced today that … [Continue reading]

New Study Finds China’s Ivory Market Shrinking

18 August 2017 | TRAFFIC International News Release Beijing, China — Following China’s announcement late last year of a domestic ivory trade ban by the end of 2017, TRAFFIC … [Continue reading]

Thousands of Ivory Items Sold Weekly Online in Japan

16 August 2017 | TRAFFIC International News Release Tokyo, Japan - TRAFFIC surveys of Japan’s online domestic ivory markets in 2017 have found high volumes of sales across online … [Continue reading]

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